Better Alternatives
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Located in the Medical Arts Building at the light between Popular Level Road/Goss Avenue intersection and Barrett Avenue on Eastern Parkway.

Free and easy parking

Convenient bus stop

Fees comparable to other agencies

Immediate appointments

Tel: 502-454-6350

Fax: 502-454-6351

Better Alternatives was established and licensed in 1992 as an Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Facility. Since that time we have be providing mental health care to the community with assistance to the legal community as an alcohol abuse, drug abuse, anger management, behavioral addiction, anxiety, and depression counseling. We specialize in Alcohol Abuse/ Dependence Counseling; Drug Abuse/ Dependence Counseling, especially with Opioid Addiction; Marijuana; and Prescription and Synthetic, as well as all forms of drugs. We are a Legal Counseling/ Treatment Agency, such as: Certified DUI Program, Possession of Marijuana Diversion Program, Probation and Parole, Child Protective Services, and provide treatment for many other court ordered referrals.

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